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As the time got closer for my kids to go to college, I worried that they didn’t understand how to deal with the emotional part of life. They had a lot of practice taking tests and writing papers, but they weren’t as confident as I wanted them to be. They didn’t always make wise decisions or have the best problem solving skills.

What I wanted was a way to teach them resilience when life throws them a curve ball.
I wanted to teach them about rejection and failure as well as how to make good decisions and embrace successes.

I wanted to give them the skills to find themselves and gain confidence at the same time as they build coping skills.

I want them to be able to balance having fun and exploring who they really are with being responsible.

That’s what I want my child to learn.

That’s how I help college-bound teens.

Before I work with any teen, you need to attend my free class.

In my free classes I teach you the secret password and the secret handshake… well, no, no secret handshake, but I will share some secrets about your child and how the teenage mind works.


You will learn more about me and how I think.
You will see how I can help your child.
And at the end of the class I will tell you about the next step to take if you want me to coach your child.

This class is for you, the parent. We are on the same team to help your child.
I promise I can help them.

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Things I cover when I work with college-bound teens:

Stress Management

You don’t need a poll to tell you that half of college freshmen feel stressed “most or all of them time”.  (But there is one.)
I’m guessing that you feel your share of stress too. You live with at least one teen.
Stress impacts the quality of everything you do and how it feels to experience life.
I have a process that helps reduce stress not just in the moment, but for the long-term. This is a skill that can be used their entire life. It’s golden. This alone is worth the price of admission.

Emotional Maturity

You don’t reach emotional maturity by reading a certain age. I’m sure you have met plenty of adults who lack emotional maturity. I want your child to take responsibility for his/her actions. I want your child to be empowered to own their thoughts, feelings and actions so they can change them. They are going to make mistakes, so I want to give them the mindset to turn those mistakes into opportunities.


Confidence affects the way you walk into a room. It flavors the words you say. Confidence is a game changer. The way you gain confidence is to know you can handle any outcome from any risk you take. That is a teachable skill. Who knew?

Empowerment & Self Advocacy

You have been standing up for your child since they were born. Now it’s their turn. When they believe in themselves, they get the help they need. Trying to do things alone brings isolation and pain. Asking for help and believing in themselves increases their efforts ten-fold and smooths their path to their dreams.


Sometimes our kids need permission from someone other than their parents to seek what they truly want. That’s what a coach can offer.


When you have a lot of things coming at you, you can feel scattered. I can help clear away the mind clutter so focus and energy can go into things that matter the most. It feels like calm in the midst of chaos.


This is a big one for teens leaving home and being on their own for the first time. They are going to feel the full force of accountability for their actions in college. There is no parent to deflect consequences. It’s time. That’s how it should be. Let’s get them ready.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is a constant process throughout life. As soon as you reach one goal, your mind creates another bigger, better goal. Let’s put a good process in place to get your child where he/she wants to go. I teach them how to figure out what they really want instead of setting goals for things they think they “should” want.

Balancing Time

Balancing your life seems like it’s about time.  Too many papers due. Too many parties to attend. Too few pairs of clean underwear. But it’s really about setting priorities and being happy with what you have chosen to bring into your life. We live in a culture that uses busy as a badge of honor. I don’t think you have to be busy to the point of exhaustion to be wildly successful. You can be miserably busy trying to make everyone else happy or ecstatically busy doing things that ultimately make you happy. I vote for the latter.


College is so much about relationships. Roommates. Professors. Friends. Romances. Leaving friends and families behind.
I work with teens on taking care of themselves. Taking care of their own thoughts, feelings and actions, allows them to have the kind of relationships they want to have.


When life feels bad, we are quick to numb. Food, TV, phone, drinking, drugs, sex, gambling… it’s easy to find ways to numb ourselves from the bad stuff. But that only lasts a little while and then we are numbing again. I work with teens to feel their bad feelings and appreciate the whole range of wonderful emotions that is part of the amazing thing it is to be human.


What I don’t do:

I don’t tell your child what to do. I can give them tools. I can inspire and give permission. But each person has free will and has everything they need inside of them. My job is to help them clear out the obstacles in their own thinking so they can find their own path. I give them tools to navigate life’s ups and downs and to manage their mind so they can create the life of their dreams.

I don’t report back to you. Your child is my client, and I give them a safe place to talk. Of course I will sound the alarm if they talk about hurting themselves or other people, but I am not a therapist. I work with mentally healthy teens who are feeling the pressures and challenges of being a teen in our society. I give them a way to take their lives from good to great.

You want them to be happy.
You want them to have an advantage.
I can help them have both.

I see you waited until the bottom of the page to see what I want you to do.

Well, here it is:

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