Weight Loss Coaching

 Is this you?

  • Emotional upsets in your life find you reaching for the Haagen Dazs.
  • You have been on tons of diets and programs, but the weight always comes back.
  • You have 30+ pounds to lose.
  • You have been diagnosed with prediabetes and the changes the doctor wants you to make seem daunting.
  • You are smart.  You want to figure out the root cause of your overeating.
  • You just want the struggle with your weight to be over!

If any of these sound like you, then this program may be for you.


  • Having more energy and creativity.
  • Loving your body.
  • You can have “bad” food in the house without gobbling it all down.
  • The pride you feel when your blood sugar numbers go down.
  • All that time and effort you put into managing your weight is now spent following your passions.

Yes, it really is possible.

It’s a game-changing mindset for emotional eaters.


Curate logo FThe weight loss program for smart people who want to stop the struggle with food.

It’s the program I wish I had 20 years ago.
It’s a one-on-one coaching program to help you reinvent yourself and create peace around eating.


Why Me?

I have been in your shoes. I had a whole bunch of reasons for eating besides being hungry, and now I can be in a room full of people eating chocolate ice cream (my old nemesis) and still make food choices that are right for me. With no angst. No feeling of denial.  No regrets.
I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, then prediabetes and then full-blown diabetes.  Once it gets to diabetes, and you start taking insulin, that makes it crazy hard to lose weight at that point.  (I’ll tell you more about that science in the program.)  But I was able to create this program for myself, to lower my blood sugar, lose weight, and love my life and body.

Through research, training and trial & error, I now have the tools, and I want to share them with you.  It has been an amazing, life altering, lifelong change.

It feels like someone gave me the golden ticket.
And I want you to feel that too.

Plus, I am a certified weight loss coach and a master certified life coach.


Here’s a taste of what we can cover:

People pleasing – “But… Aunt Betty would be upset if I didn’t eat her pecan pie.”

Numbing – Chances are one of the reasons you eat is to numb your anxiety or other bad feelings.

Self-sabotage & Perfectionism – What do you do or think when you eat something you “shouldn’t”?

Where and when are you beating yourself up about being overweight?

FOMO– fear of missing out. Are you eating just because you only get to the crab shack at the beach once a year?

Rigidity – Are you only allowing yourself a narrow set of foods and behaviors around food?

Approval – Are you cooking or serving food just to get approval?

Body Image – Are you proud of how you look in clothes? Naked?

Joy – Is eating your number one source of joy?

First step: Schedule a time to chat with Ellen.

Here’s what you’ll get:

One-on-one coaching sessions by phone with a Master Coach (that would be me)…  three calls a month.

Worksheets to work on between times we talk, to turbo charge the hour-long sessions and keep you engaged.

Email access to me during office hours for the entire duration of your program.

There are three options:
3 Months, 6 Months and a Year.

3 Month Program – You get 9 coaching sessions (3 per month) of one-on-one coaching by phone, worksheets, and direct email access.  You get all the core tools, and we will go in-depth into at least 3 areas that trigger you to eat.  This would work well for a coach who is familiar with doing The Work, or someone who likes to follow through on their own.
This program gives you the basics for figuring out why you have been overeating and where to take it from here for continued success.

6 Month Program – This is the program I would suggest for most people.
You get 18 coaching sessions (3 per month) of one-on-one coaching by phone, worksheets, and direct email access.  You get all the core tools, and we will go in-depth into any area of your life that is causing your overeating.  We will  look at all 9 areas that trigger eating.  This six month program is enough time to both uncover the hidden reasons you have been overeating, the tools to change your eating mindset, plus the time to form these changes into habits.

Year-long Program – Can you imagine an entire year with a coach in your corner, finally helping you end the struggle with eating?  This is the ticket.
You get 36 coaching sessions (3 per month) of one-on-one coaching by phone, worksheets, and direct email access.  You get all the core tools, and we will go in-depth into any area of your life that is causing your overeating.  We will  look at all 9 eating triggers.  We will both uncover the hidden reasons you have been overeating, the tools to change your eating mindset, plus the time to form these changes into habits.
When you are leading a life you love, everything else, including eating, falls into place.  This is the program to choose to address issues in all areas of your life.  Overeating is just the symptom of a life out of balance.  Let’s create the life you want, the body you want, and the health you want.


What makes this coaching engagement different:

This incredible access to me. Instead of having to hold your questions for our weekly call, you can email me as you have questions or want feedback.

This is live teaching and coaching over the phone.
This is not a bunch of videos or an eBook you do on your own.

It is the most comprehensive, immersive program I have ever offered, because I believe that total immersion is the best way to create radical change.


How much is it?

There are three options:
3 Months – $300/month ($900 total)

6 Months  – $275/month ($1650 total)

Year-long – $250/month ($3000 total)

The “Curate” Process:

These are the actual steps we use in the program and the actual steps I used to lose weight and lower my blood sugar.

  1. Clarity on what you believe about weight loss, why you haven’t lost the weight and why you gain weight.
  2. Relearn how to connect with your physical body. I have tools galore to help you get in touch with what your body is telling you.  Your body is your compass for making decisions about food, relationships, work… even where you should live.  Your body is giving you information all the time.  It’s just a matter of learning how to hear it.  And trust it.
  3. We’ll find the real “why” behind why you eat.  We will find the beliefs you have about food and eating, hold them up to the light and you decide which ones serve you and which to let go.  This is where the magic happens.
  4. Discover what you want in and out of your life
  5. Feelings are why we do everything. Learn to feel your feelings rather than numb them.  It’s feeling the whole array of feelings offered in life that give you the richness of a deep, meaningful life.
  6. The Science – If you have blood sugar issues, we’ll touch on Hormones, Exercise and Habits. We’ll debunk myths and lay the groundwork for your eating choices.  (Psst… never exercise to lose weight.)
  7. The Moment of Decision (MOD squad) – What to do when the overwhelming urge strikes.
  8. Taking it forward – I’ll prepare you to handle future plateaus and setbacks when life gets hairy.

I want you to know that the goal is to end the eating struggle, but that doesn’t mean the process of getting there is all roses and kittens. This program is a deep look at things you have been keeping from yourself.

This is a deep dive into why you do the things you do.  It is learning the process of managing your mind.

We will be dredging up insecurities and vulnerability that can feel a little crappy. You have been using food to avoid this crappyness, and it needs the light of day to dissolve it.

We will be getting into the messy, nitty-gritty realness of life. This can be uncomfortable while at the same time touch your soul. It is this process that will set you free. But this time you’ll have a coach in your corner.


What this program is NOT:

I am not going to give you a food plan or tell you what to eat.  I may suggest trying some different things if I see a pattern, but you are in control of what you think is nourishing fuel for your body.

I can’t and don’t want to control what you eat.  You are the one who will take the tools and aha’s and make them part of who you are and the way you lead your life.  The power is not in any program, the power is in you.  I am sharing with you a new way to think.  Managing your mind gives you a chance to change your life.  However, just listening and understanding information does not change you.  It takes applying the information.  You change you.

Life is big and messy and awesome.  Life is a game of trial and error but keeping true to what is right for you.  This program can help you uncover what is true for you and coach you on your challenges.


There you have it. That’s my program.

It is designed to take you from feeling out of control to feeling in control and peaceful around food.

It is designed to help you look inside yourself for the answers. We will take little steps to create big change and big results.

I am here to be your champion, to cheer you on with your victories and to steady you when you are trying to fool yourself.

If you think you could use this kind of help, I invite you to click I’m ready,
You can schedule a 20-minute mini-session to answer any questions or jump right in and book your first coaching session.

How it works:

We will pick a day and time (Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays) for our one-on-one hour-long coaching session, and have our session the same time each week for three weeks every month.  In the real world, scheduling conflicts come up, so this allows us some flexibility to choose the week that doesn’t have a call.   I also like a free week each month so you have a chance to process the material and see where you still have challenges in your regular life.  I want you to have success even when you don’t feel accountable to me, so these are mini reality checks.

I will also offer you worksheets to do between calls to turbo charge each session.

Weight loss is a process rather than a single conversation, so that’s why I try to give you so much access to me.

If you are thinking that Curate is the program you need to transform your life, then I want to invite you to SIGN UP for a free 20 minute mini-session.

I need to talk to you in person (over the phone) because this is a commitment to yourself and to me. We need to make sure we are a good fit.

The mini-session is basically your chance to get me on the phone 1:1 to talk about where you are in your life right now. I want to help you determine your next best move.

It might be this program, or it might be something else. Either way, you leave with a new sense of clarity in terms of your next best step.

Sign me up for the program!  Let’s chat!


My work with Ellen woke me up to the possibility that my weight could be about more than just how much I ate.  I quickly warmed to her confident and reassuring style as she seemed intuitively confirm what was hiding just below the surface. ~Mary, Arizona

Thanks, and I can’t wait to talk to you soon!Curate Weight Loss Coaching Program