Weight Loss through Telekinesis.

Me: Do you believe telekinesis is real?
Boy Child: No.
Girl Child: Yawn.
Me: I’ll bet you five bucks that I can make this piece of cake disappear with my MIND.
BC: No, you can’t. (Rolls eyes.)
GC: OK. (Humors me.)
Me: Done. Ta da!!
BC: You just ate that. (Rolls eyes AND walks away.)
Me: But my MIND told my hand and mouth to do it. My mind was in charge of the whole operation.

BC thinks he has won. But I think I have won. Minds are cool like that.

Chose the cake.
Or don’t.
You have the power.
You are in charge.

*This blog post was heavily inspired by The Bloggess.  This post and my enjoyment of curse words.

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