There Are Two Kinds of Skinny People.

One kind of skinny person eats when and what they feel like eating during a day, using a mix of their natural body signals and their minds.

The other kind of skinny person laments over what they eat, feels deprived, but still eats what they “should” be eating.

I want to be the first kind of skinny person.

I want to make my food choices the same way I buy clothes. I want to look at my options, ogle over some, dismiss others, and ultimately find just the right thing for my particular body.

I used to be the second kind of skinny person. I consciously and unconsciously counted calories. There were good foods and bad foods. It was about control, avoidance and deprivation.

What I want is for eating to be a series of delights all strung together. I want it to be satisfying. I want it to not be a struggle.

But, I am skinny no longer. ‘Even with the fierce conviction and strict rules in my head I am overweight.  (Probably because of the rules.)

I have quite a bit of weight to lose both for my health and for my vanity.

I want to use my coaching tools to lose weight without the drama.

I want to lose weight without the resistance.

I think that my coaching tools, which have healed me in so many ways, can heal my body too.

As I am on my weight loss journey, I will be sharing with you my wins and losses. I’ll let you know what works and what doesn’t.

My challenge is overeating. Yours might be your career or a relationship or shopping or drinking. I hope my journey will give you insight into yours.

This first step is awareness.

I am aware that resistance is a force, like gravity.

What you resist persists.  I am aware that I was forcing myself to eat the “right way”.

I am on a quest to change what my body wants, rather than resisting it’s current wants.

I am aware that I am on a journey to change my life and that changing how I think about my life will lay the groundwork to change my fuel.

Should be interesting.

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