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This was groundbreaking new territory for me. Working with my thoughts was huge – I simply have not been as depressed and have learned to love myself more.

The most transformative part of the program was the way I learned to make loving decisions for myself that were easy for me to incorporate… and the “aha” moments that came from learning to change my thoughts about my circumstances.
~Elizabeth, Freelance Writer, Charlotte, NC


After our coaching sessions, I started to breath again… my chest stopped feeling so tight.  Thanks for your openness, humor and candor.

~Susan, Executive, Cranston, Rhode Island


Ellen, you are VERY good at what you do.  It was easy to trust you and open up to you.  I now have the tools to help me attain my natural weight  I know another life coach, and my experience with you was very different… very genuine.  Can I have weekly coaching for life?  🙂

~Kimberly,  Folsom, California


I was stuck, but after my sessions with Ellen, the things that were blocking me just seemed to go away. Just the act of questioning my thoughts  made the problems dissolve.  She treated me like a peer.  After our conversations I felt less judgmental of myself.   She helped get me excited about the possibilities in life, and excited to try new things.  Ellen has such a joy about life which comes through in her coaching.
~Susan, MSW, St. Louis, MO

 Ellen’s positive energy comes through right away and she makes me feel safe, comforted, never judged.  You can tell she really cares.
I also tend to feel~ uplifted, understood, listened to, and I come away with new ideas I had not thought of before.  Ellen helps me to see things from new perspectives.
~Sathya, Life Coach, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Ellen has a way of making you feel at peace in an instant. She wipes away any angst that existed and leads you down a path of quiet serenity.
~Catherine, Owner & Visual Provocateur, Closet of Style, Charlotte, NC


Ellen is about as authentic as it gets. If you are looking for a coach who will provide a safe haven to let you be who you truly are, Ellen is a perfect choice. She integrates play and realizes the ultimate truth that we are here for a joyful and meaningful experience. As a coach, a friend, and a great human being, Ellen fulfills the role of a coach in the most literal way. She knows her purpose and we are all lucky that we can benefit from her effervescent presence!
~Julie, owner, Self Evolved, Charlotte, NC


My coaching sessions with Ellen Yale changed my life.  Through simple exercises of flipping a thought around “just for fun” or by rewriting the ending of my own story, Ellen continually (yet gently) demonstrates to me that I have had choices all along.  Ellen supplied the decoder to my life.
~Mary Jo, artist, Greenville, SC