Take Off Your Disguise.

The only thing that wearing a disguise will bring you is something that is not right for you.

We all do it… wear disguises.

Think about when you meet someone you are interested in. It’s not like you’re a total fraud.
You don’t change who you are on purpose, but you dazzle them with only your best self. You are endlessly witty. You primp if you think you are going to see them when you go out. You point out the things you have in common, but not how you are different.

This is natural.

Facebook is a perfect example. I can’t tell you how many clients I have that avoid going on Facebook because it sounds like everyone is doing better than they are.

People don’t post their boring days or their big mistakes on Facebook.

I like seeing the good and the bad.  It’s boring without the depth.

So here’s my thought. Keep Throwback Thursday BUT ALSO HAVE Unfortunate-Incident Wednesday.

I think this could catch on. I could tell all about how my skirt fell off in the middle of Church Street. I could share how my bikini top shot off like a rubber band on a sailing trip. (Hmmm. These could actually be some good blog topics.)

Enough with disguises. Show the best AND the worst.

Now, I’m not encouraging you to meet someone and tell them which STDs you have while shaking their hand. But I am suggesting you let the real you hang out.

If a new friend or love interest wants you to go camping, then go camping. But don’t pretend it’s your favorite if it’s not. Don’t hide the fact that you can’t stand digging a latrine. That will only get you invited on more camping trips in the sticks.

Don’t wear a disguise to get other people’s approval. That only works for the short-term.

And the person you put on the biggest disguise for?


And you don’t even know it.

“I’m okay.”
“Things will get better if I just hang in there.”
“I’m not really tired, I just need a cup of coffee to get going.”

Take off your disguise and start your reinvention.

It’s only through the clarity of knowing who you are and showing the real you that you attract your tribe.

Wearing a disguise takes sooo much energy.

Be brave.

Take off your disguise and the people who think you are a rock star… the people who will be your raving fans… will be able to find you.

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