Stay or Go?


I coach smart successful people who want to figure out if they should
stay in their current job
or make the leap to something new


You could flip a coin to decide… stay or go,
but you want the decision that’s going to feel right in your bones.
You want the job that will match your values and passions.
You want to do the good work of the world.
You want to go from confusion and angst to a place of greater understanding and peace.


 I have a whole program.
If you are ready to dig deep,
tell yourself the whole truth,
and embrace the tools that will serve you a lifetime
This may be the program for you.


Stay or GoThe program for smart people who want to make confident decisions.


This program is about combining your smarts and your intuition.

Together we take your values, priorities, dreams and goals, and use cutting edge science combined with time-tested coaching techniques (and a pinch of woo) to help you make a choice that is right for you.

We take a look at what makes you tick and what makes you swoon.
We mine for clues to your strengths in your life stories.

You make the choice that feels like something has finally clicked into place.

Along the way, you will learn the tools to appreciate the entire spectrum of the sometimes messy, always amazing human experience.

You are amazing.

I’d like to be your guide.


The “Stay or Go” Process:

  1. Clarity on what you really want and believe.
  2. Calm your social self so you can hear your essential self.
  3. Body whispering – listen to your body’s wisdom.
  4. Find the places that feel broken to make them strong.
  5. Get happy with what you’re doing now before you choose to stay or go.
  6. Discover what you are afraid of.
  7. Integrate thought-work to create extraordinary relationships with yourself and others.
  8. Using your intuition to premember your next career move.
  9. Taking it forward – Know how to navigate future change.  After all, life is a moving target.



Some of the things we will cover:
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Navigating fear (after all, it’s usually fear that keeps you from deciding)
  • Steering towards joy
  • Embracing the juiciness of discomfort
  • Looking for hot tracks


First step: Schedule a time to chat with Ellen.


Here’s what you’ll get:

One-on-one coaching sessions by phone with a Master Coach (that would be me)…  three calls a month for three months

Email access to me during office hours for the entire duration of your program.

What makes this coaching engagement different:

You will get your own Career Map that takes into account where you have been, your values and priorities combined with your vision of your ideal future.

This is live teaching and coaching over the phone.
This is not a bunch of videos or an eBook you do on your own.

The price for all this amazingness?

3 Months – $300/month ($900 total)

Why me?

I am a Master Certified Life Coach.

I have changed jobs within a career, totally changed careers, and started three different businesses.
I’ve been there.

My coaching style is heartfelt and warm.  And I laugh a lot.
I will hold the space for you as well as call you on your BS
But, all with love.

Plus, I have studied Business Administration and Psychology at Wittenberg University, with Masters level studies at University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and have a certification in Training and Development.


What this program is NOT:

I will not be telling you whether to stay or go.  The answers you want are all located in you.  It’s about laying out all the puzzle pieces and figuring out how they fit together.  It’s about taking an eagle view and looking for patterns.

I am sharing with you a new way to think.  Managing your mind gives you a chance to change your life.  However, just listening and understanding tools and concepts does not change you.  It takes applying the information.  You change you.

Life is big and messy and awesome.  Life is a game of trial and error but keeping true to what is right for you.  This program can help you uncover what is true for you and coach you on your challenges.

Also, I am not a career coach.  I don’t teach you how to write a resume or find you job openings.  I help you uncover your inner light that has been hidden.


Ta Da!

If you think you could use this kind of help, I invite you to click I’m ready,
You can schedule a 20-minute introductory session to answer any questions or jump right in and book your first coaching session.


How it works:

We will pick a day and time (Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays) for our one-on-one hour-long coaching sessions, and have our session the same time each week for three weeks each month.  In the real world, scheduling conflicts come up, so this allows us some flexibility to choose the week that doesn’t have a call.

If you are thinking that “Stay or Go” is the program you need to transform your life, then I want to invite you to SIGN UP for a free 20 minute introductory session.

I need to talk to you in person (over the phone) because this is a commitment to yourself and to me. We need to make sure we are a good fit.

The introductory session is basically your chance to get me on the phone 1:1 to talk about where you are in your life right now. I want to help you determine your next best move.

It might be this program, or it might be something else. Either way, you leave with a new sense of clarity in terms of your next best step.

Sign me up for the program!  Let’s chat!

Thanks, and I can’t wait to talk to you soon!

Stay or Go