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Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

Thanks for joining The Nest… your home away from home.

The core program consists of six lessons.

The core program content shares tools that will apply to many challenges you will have making the transition to college and in life.
Each lesson has a video or two.  You can watch the video, or download the mp3 audio portion of the video, or if you prefer to read, you can download the transcript.

Each lesson also has a worksheet that will help you take the information and make it your own.  I would highly recommend doing these worksheets.  These worksheets are designed to help you integrate each concept into your life.

You can watch the videos and intellectually understand the concepts, but that won’t really change anything in your life.  It’s in taking part and doing that can lessen your struggles.

In other words, these worksheets can’t do themselves.

I would recommend one lesson a week.  They are short and sweet, but actually applying them to your life is where the magic happens.  That takes time.

Now me?  I have a tendency to binge watch.  So, feel free to watch all eight videos, then go back and watch one a week and apply its principles to what you are doing that week.  Consume it fast then consume it slow.  Slow it down and make it yours.

After you have completed all six modules, pop on over to the library.

The Library is filled with videos for additional problem-specific help.

The library is like an hors d’oeuvres tray.  You can pick out anything you want to watch that sounds good at any time.

In fact, you can watch any video at any time as long as you are either in your first month of the program, or have an ongoing membership.




There is a menu bar at the top so you can move between the four sections.


You will also find some links in the pages themselves.