Set Your New Years Intentions With Me.

If you have followed my blog for any amount of time, you know that instead of deciding what goals you want to achieve for the year, I suggest you explore the feelings you want those achievements to bring you.

The feelings are what you really want anyway.

Fill your life with those feelings, and the goals will come to you like a magnet.

That said, I have recently had some really interesting discussions about intentions. Intentions are what you want, but they also seem to include  more depth and meaning.  The big ‘ol why you want it.

Goals are graspy.
Want, want, want.

Intentions are beautiful.

What I want for the New Year is for my daughter’s health to head in a better direction. But my intention is to raise a beautiful daughter, and help her handle her adversities with grace and as lessons learned.

What I want for my business is to finish and launch my new signature program. But my intention for my business is to bring a more meaningful, fuller, richer life for many people through deep, heartfelt conversations and programs.

So, try it for yourself.

What I want this year is (goal)_________________________________________.

But my intention for this year is _______________________________________.


One more for me…

My goal is to meditate more this year.
My intention is to create more peace in my life, and move through the world with less head banging.

Oh… and laying on a beach with a friend and a beer wouldn’t be so bad either 🙂

Have a peaceful new year!

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