Enjoy Now

Most high school seniors get hung up on the future…

“Will I make friends in college?”

“Will I get into my first choice?”

“What if I can’t get in the school I want?”

Or they get stuck in the past…

“I can’t bare to leave my friends.”

“Things will never be this great again.”


Take a deep breath.

You can’t experience the past right now and you can’t experience the future until it gets here.

All you have is now.

The rest are just thoughts about the past or the future.

And thoughts, you can change.


Try this:

Relax your body.

Sit with your feet flat on the floor. (Or lying down is even better.)

Focus on what you can smell right now.

Now, keep that smell in your focus, and listen intently to what you are hearing.

Keep breathing slowly and deeply.

With that smell in focus and hearing in focus, detect what your body is feeling from your feet to your head.

Let your eyes go to soft focus where you see everything in your vision with equal focus.

Roll around in these sensations.


This is your now.




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