Ready for College

You have spent a lot of time and money helping your child get ready for the rigor of college.
They’ve spent over 20,000 hours going to school and studying over the past 13 years.
You’ve supported them through ACT and SAT prep.
Years and tears have been invested in extracurricular activities.

Now it’s time to prepare them for the emotional challenges.

I have a whole program.

If you want a strategy to help them make new friends and fit in,
deal with the stress of paying for college,
balance all of those classes and studying and social life and taking care of themselves,
and develop a true sense of belonging on campus…
This is the program.

The program for smart people who want to have emotional tools to thrive in life.

These are the tools I wish I had when I went to college.
These methods will serve your child a lifetime.

Without specific tools to handle emotional ups and downs, people gravitate towards numbing.  Phones, computers, TVs, food, drinking and drugs are just a few of the go-to coping strategies that add to the sense of isolation rather than help deal with your feelings in a deeply satisfying way.

There is another way.

These are the tools your mother never taught you.  But now we know better.

That’s why I am on a mission to share this new way of thinking.


What The Nest covers:


Easing your top college worries… getting into your top choice, loneliness, making friends, and debt.

Dealing with STRESS

Feeling awesome about going to college

How to pick a college, friend or a major

When other people are jerks

Creating confidence

How to get different results in your life

Roommates.  (We’ll cover Setting Healthy Boundaries)

Design your perfect college life


Some of the things we can cover:
  • The mindset technique used by elite athletes (and gurus) for success
  • Navigating fear
  • Steering towards joy
  • Emotional Childhood vs. Emotional Adulthood
  • The Manual – your book of beliefs about what other people should do
  • Unconditional Love
  • Choosing New Thoughts
  • Managing expectations (77% of college students polled felt social media, television and movies made college seem a lot more fun than it actually was.)

Here’s what you’ll get:

Nine one-hour coaching sessions by phone with Ellen
These sessions take place the first three weeks of three months,  (9 one-hour sessions total)
This is one-on-one coaching by telephone  in the privacy of your own home (or wherever you want to be.)

The price for all this amazingness?

Three monthly payments of $499

Why me?

I am a Master Certified Life Coach.

I have two incredible teenagers.

My coaching style is warm, down to earth and a touch irreverent.

Plus, I have the credentials.  I studied Business Administration and Psychology at Wittenberg University, with Masters level studies at University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and have a certification in Training and Development.  My coaching certifications are with the Martha Beck Institute and The Life Coach School.


What this program is NOT:

I will not be telling your child what to do or how to do it.   I don’t give advice.  There is no one answer to life’s problems, but your child will finally have the tools to help them find your own answers. I want to prepare them for life after college too.

I am sharing a new way to think.  Managing your mind gives you a chance to change your life.  However, just listening and understanding tools and concepts does not change someone.  It takes applying the information.  It takes practice.  It’s going to take effort and openness on your child’s part.

I will not be reporting back to you. My client is your child. I want them to be able to talk with me about anything with the assurance that I am not going to be reporting back to you about what they say. Of course I will sound the alarm if they say they want to hurt themselves, but otherwise, you will find out about our sessions by what your child wants to share.


Life is big and messy and awesome.
I want to give your child life changing strategies to make it amazing.


Email me at to lock in your spot now.