Having POTS comes with it’s challenges. Some are physical and some are mental and emotional.
While Dr. Driscoll and the team at POTScare are helping you with your physical challenges, I want to help with the mental and emotional challenges that may go along with a chronic illness.

My daughter has POTS and EDS, and while I have coached all sorts of people with all sorts of problems, the most important people I have coached are myself and my daughter.

I know some of the gut wrenching thoughts that come up…
“Why me?”
“Everyone else is going out but me.”
“I’m falling behind.”
“I don’t have any friends.”
“I’m damaged.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This inner dialog can have a profound effect on you and the people around you.
It’s time to change it to something that feels good.

What you gain from coaching:

The way you speak to yourself internally seems like you have no control over it. Things just pop into your head. But that’s just because the process of having a thought happens so fast. I provide you tools so you can take a look at your thinking, break it down and choose how to narrate your life.
It’s about gaining self confidence and embracing all parts of yourself.
You are a wonderful, deserving person. It’s your birthright. It’s time to claim it.


Having POTS is not the reason you feel emotionally stressed. But your mind doesn’t understand that. Your brain thinks that you have to feel physically better to feel emotionally better.
You don’t have to wait for all your symptoms to go away to feel better.¬†
Sometimes people get better, and they still think of themselves as a victim… as someone with POTS.
They still define themselves with the same old story.
But here’s the good news… you can rewrite your story.
You can feel better emotionally without a single change in your physical symptoms.
Because taking responsibility for how you deal with your illness feels like freedom.


Once you own your own story, you’ll be ready to discover who you truly want to be.
I want you to have a personal vision that guides how you show up in the world.


The next step is to talk with me.
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Having a daughter with POTS has been a deeply rich experience. We are spending time together we never would have otherwise.
When people find out she has POTS, they often think it’s horrible, and try to make us feel better by commiserating.
But it’s really not horrible.
That’s not our reality.
Sure, there are times when we think painful thoughts, but we have to tools to feel it, move through that feeling, and get on with living great lives.
Having POTS does not define my daughter and it does not define me. It’s just a circumstance. We get to choose how to move through life.
And we choose awesomeness!

You are not alone.
Let’s do this together…
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