Knowing why you are going to college can help you choose a college and be happy with the fit once you are there.
This is the story of someone who decides to go to college for a major that everyone else in her life thinks is ludicrous.

But it’s the best reason of all to go to college.

I share the three lessons I learned along the way.

In this episode, I share the story of a late night rescue a Mom makes of her child who is going through a dark time at college.

P  O  D  C  A  S  T

In this episode I talk about this difference between passive action and massive action.

We get into a cycle of consuming information, and that feels like we have been taking a lot of action.

But that is passive.

Taking massive action propels you to your goals and beyond.

Just knowing the difference between passive action and massive action starts the ball rolling.

You can make the change without even getting up off the couch.

But it would be nice if you did.