Money is Energy

I keep hearing that… money is energy.

Originally, I thought they meant that money was some mystical, spiritual, ghost thingy floating around deciding who to go to based on who had meditated the best or who’s energy aligned with the energy of what they want.

And for some people, that might be.

But, I think what is confusing is the word energy itself. We buy it from the power company. We run out of it when we run 10 miles. When an exciting speaker gives a talk, we might say she has a lot of energy.

Lots of meanings for the same word.

But in this case, it’s easier to think of it first as how much it takes out of us when we work hard.

It used to be, long ago, that we would trade a chicken for sugar. We would trade one thing we made or grew for something someone else had. Or we would all use our energy to build someone else’s barn so they would come help us build our barn. We were trading energy.

Chickens are more difficult to carry around than dollar bills, and electronic transfers are even easier to carry (or not carry at all). So now the relationship to trading energy is not as apparent.  But it’s still the same.  We are trading energy.

Energy is our currency.

Most people talk about money being energy when they are trying to attract money into their lives. Some people think if they want it hard enough in just the right way, that piles of cash will arrive on their front doorstep.

So here’s what I think:

I think that it takes two kinds of energy to attract money.

  1. The kind of physical energy it takes to produce action. Like physically talking to people, so when they ask you what you do, you tell them. It takes energy to type on a keyboard to introduce your offer to cyberspace.
  2. The level of confidence you have in what you are exchanging. What are you sure of? If you know, for sure, with no doubts whatsoever that your new pill will save people’s lives, then money will come to you. (If you also do the #1 action energy.)

And I think it takes both types of energy together to make much money. For example, when I am trying to promote a new coaching program, I first have to let people in some way know I am offering it (energy #1) and when my people get the information, they have to feel that genuine confidence of what I know for sure (energy #2).

People know when it’s not the real deal.

One other component: You have to play with the dial as to how much energy you use.

You can have too much action energy. You have all met a pushy salesperson, who is expending a lot of energy trying to sell you something, and that energy propels you away in the equal and opposite direction.

That’s what they mean by matching someone’s energy to make something happen.

Sometimes you don’t need to use much energy to make things happen. Like when you get really good at something. When I first started ice skating, it took a lot of energy to skate around a skating rink. Picture walking in small choppy steps on skates. Now that I have some experience, one little push and I glide a long way.

So, go forth my friends and attract money. Play with the energy and see how much or how little energy it takes to bring money to you.

And let me know how it goes.

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