Mind Your own Business


Nothing outside you can ever give you what you are looking for.  ~Byron Katie

Byron Katie is an inspiring thought leader and founder of The Work.

One of her core teachings is about three types of business.

This is gold. This is freedom. So, listen like there is going to be a written test.

There are three types of business.  My business, your business and God’s business.

God’s business is anything you and I can’t control, like hurricanes, earthquakes, when you are going to die, or the end of the world.
My business is anything I can control. (Side note: you can’t control someone else. So sorry about that.)
Everything else is other people’s business.

Most stress comes from being in someone else’s business.

Even in a good way.

I know, I know, it would be so handy to fix everything by “simply” changing other people.  Sigh.

Here are some examples of thoughts that show you are in someone else’s business:
“You need to get a haircut.”
“You need to get a job.”
“I want him to be happy.” (What the wha? Yep. Wanting someone else to feel something different than they are is being in someone’s business.”)
“My mother should understand me.”
“My husband should show his love by… “
“My kids should appreciate the things I do.”
“He should be happy for me.”
“Jennifer didn’t smile at me.”
“My boss should know I’m doing my best.”
“My child shouldn’t hit someone.”
“He shouldn’t bring all that bad food in our house.”

Examples of being in God’s business:
“I am worried the drought will get worse.”
“What if I die tomorrow?”
“When will the world end?”

Examples of being in your own business:
Doing what’s right for myself.
Taking care of my health.
Taking responsibility for my choices.
Finding a source of inner peace.
Loving myself.

For a stress-free life, mind your own business.

Everyone will be better for it.

It’s not your business to love me, it is mine. ~Byron Katie


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