Free Martha Beck & Deepak Choprah Seminar

*Rare, no-charge opportunity to join Martha Beck for a virtual event

*Why seeking safety doesn’t work. Martha Beck reveals what does.

If so, that’s fear driving.

Of course, as humans we’re preprogrammed with fear. It’s our fight-or-flight instinct that’s designed to keep us safe in the face of danger.

Between our biology and our conditioning (just turn on the nightly news), it’s no wonder fear drives a lot of our decisions.

The trouble is, fear is a terrible driver ‒ steering us away from opportunity and causing us to miss out on what’s really possible for our lives.

Letting fear drive is what bestselling author and world-renowned expert on mind-body medicine, Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP, calls living from our most constricted sense of self – and the greatest source of suffering in your life.

To help you tap into a new, more powerful way of creating what you really want in life, Deepak has invited Martha Beck, one of the world’s best-known life coaches who specializes in helping people get the lives they want and deserve, to host Be Your Own Hero: How to Harness Fear into Fuel, an all-new, world-premiere Chopra Center online event.

And you’re invited (at no charge!)

It’s a remarkable, one-hour look into the radically different approach of heading toward fear and harnessing it to make your life richer.

Register now at absolutely no cost to you.

In just one hour on Wednesday, March 4th, Martha will show you how to:

Wholeheartedly embrace what captivates and fulfills you – even when it’s initially terrifying.

Become the observer of your fears – so every action is a conscious choice, not a reactive one.

Confidently become the hero of your life – knowing you are not a victim of your fears, but the powerful creator of your reality.

Of course, you can continue to trade what’s possible for your life for a safer, fear-driven existence. Or, you could gain the skills to approach your next opportunity with unbridled enthusiasm and dare unapologetically to be you, fully.

Through Be Your Own Hero: How to Harness Fear into Fuel, you’ll discover little-known, universal truths that explain why every time we seek out safety, we only serve to reinforce fear.

Plus, you’ll get simple, stress-free instructions for how to move toward fear and harness it to make your life richer.

You won’t want to miss this rare chance to join the life coach who Deepak calls “one of the brightest thought leaders and finest teachers our time,” Martha Beck.

Get free access to Be Your Own Hero: How to Harness Fear into Fuel now.

P.S. It all happens on Wednesday, March 4th at 5pm PT/ 8pm ET. Mark your calendar and be sure to share this invitation with the people you care about most!

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