Louis CK on Feeling Your Feelings and Cell Phones. I know.

Louis CK tells you not to give your kid a cell phone (both of mine have them) but when you clear away the run-on jumble of words, he is really saying to feel your feelings.  Experience the moment you are in.

Except Louis CK is really funny saying it.  And relatable.

And I agree, that you are lucky to feel sad moments.  Including the “forever empty”.  Except I think that life is not just a series of sad moments with OK moments in-between, like sad moment connect the dots.
I think that it’s more like a pendulum.  You need to fully feel the sad so you can fully feel the awesome.  You can’t numb one without numbing the other.  So, like CK said, relish the sad moments, but go on to create the awesome moments, and relish those too.

It’s not that hard, it just takes being aware and practice.


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