Listen to Your Inner Animal.

Feel your way.

The world is moving so fast these days, and there are so many choices, the path to take… the choices to make… aren’t always clear.

And the more things speed up and go electronic, the more we have to go back to our animal selves and get still and listen to those primal feelings.

Go back to your animal self.  It will never lie.

It takes a bit of learning, this reading your body.  We have ignored the messages our body is sending for so long.

But that’s how we are built.  We have many of the same signals as animals in the wild… to stay or go, to work harder or easier, what role we have in our tribe.  We don’t have to use words to figure these out.  Physical feeling is the language of our inner animal.  Tension.  Tingling.  Tightness. Knots.  Lightness.

When making choices, words can get in the way.

If your body says yes, take the leap.  And if your body says no, take a look at other choices until your body says yes.

You know what to do.  You just have to let your mind get out of the way.

So, listen to those whispers from your animal self, and feel your way.  It’s the only way to find your truth.


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