Listen to Your Body

It is time to get back in touch with your body.

Chances are you have been tuning out your body’s natural signals for years.

You have stayed up late to study for a test.

You can’t eat when you are hungry, because the bell hasn’t rung for lunch.

You go to school even when you’re sick because you don’t want to fall behind.
As a society, we haven’t done very well in helping you learn to listen to the powerful signals are body is sending about your wellbeing.

When you are tired you should sleep.

When you are hungry, listen to your body and figure out what it wants to eat, and then eat it. (When you listen carefully enough, it will choose healthy food most of the time.)

We’ve been letting society dictate what’s good for us way too long.

It’s time to value what your body is trying to tell you.

Your body will thank you.

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