Use this Last Bit of Time With Your Child

This time is precious.
How do you want to use it?
Prepare them for college? Jam-pack all of your wisdom into this last bit of time?
Create memories?
You and I know that if you try to pass on all of your sage advice at one time, your teen’s eyes will glaze over and not a word will be heard.
So we have to be stealthy.
Slip it in bit by bit like parent ninjas.
Try breaking it down into daily bites.
Today help them look at one painful thought (to look at curiously, like a multi-faceted gem). Help them take a step back and poke a stick at something that feels hurtful to them. Is it really true? All the time?
(It helps if you sound curious about how their amazing brain works, not dictator-like.) Remember, you don’t have to fix things to help them feel better.
Tomorrow help them remember a time when they were successful. (Help them stockpile proof of their successes for times when it seems to them like there are only failures.)
The next day, ask them what they like about their best friend. (Make them self-aware of traits they admire.)
The next, get them to help you take some family photos. (Those are the memories I remember the most clearly.)
The next, ask them what their theme song is. (For when the going gets rough.) You might want to share yours first. Or get them to help you think of one. That works better for me. Asking my kids their theme songs just seems like another assignment for them.
You get the idea.
Make a calendar. Slide these nuggets into your daily interactions.
In no time you will have passed on your wisdom and shared dozens of meaningful moments. Plus, chances are, that at times of duress, those nuggets will forever be the caring little voice in your child’s head.

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