If I Die Suddenly, Tell My Kids about This

I am starting a series of the important stuff I want my kids to know.

I am perfectly healthy, but there are things I would regret if I didn’t pass on to them.

Today’s message?
I am just a floating head being carted around by a robot body.

Well, that’s how I have been acting. I haven’t listened to my body, and when it screams loudly enough for me to hear (like, “My back is aching, I need to lay down!”)
I treat it like a robot and command it to continue.
I make it work when it is sick.
I make it stay awake when it wants to sleep.
I feed it Krispy Kremes instead of crunchy greens.

Our society has taught us to let our minds rule our bodies. Look at doctors. When they go through their training, they stay up 36 hours at a time. Are their creature bodies telling them to sleep? To rest? To eat? You betcha. But their minds are tuning out their bodies.

It’s part of the culture.
You are a good person if you go to work even when you are sick. You are a good person if you work longer, harder, push through, starve yourself thin, run a marathon… the list goes on.

When was the last time you listened to your body? I mean really listened? Do you actually wait to feel hungry every time before you eat? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you really getting enough sleep? Why am I still using Photoshop if my carpel tunnel is barking at me?

I am slowly learning to turn my robot body back into the beautiful creature it is.

So here’s what I suggest. Pay attention to the signals your body is giving you. Your body never lies. Take it’s advice sometimes. If that works out, do it more of the time.

Get used to the language of your body then try this: Use your body as a tool for decision-making.
Listen to your body for an overall feeling of shackles on and shackles off.
For example, if there is a job you are thinking about taking, your mind will carefully consider the pros and cons, salary, commuting, challenge, etc.
But then stop and listen to your body. Does taking the job feel like somebody is putting shackles on you, or someone releasing you to freedom?

Freedom or Trapped? It’s as simple as that.

Then follow your body’s advice.

That’s what they call mind/body connection. Instead of letting your mind be the dictator, let your mind and body work together. Your mind will let society sway it; your body is your true compass.

Now go to sleep, kids. Your body needs rest. J

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