How To Get More Money

Without robbing a bank.


Let’s talk about money.


Originally, humans traded things. Furs for gunpowder. Childcare for food. But it was unwieldy to carry around a live chicken to get a doctor’s care. So money is just a way to trade that fits in your pocket. Or your Gucci bag.


In our current cyber age, we don’t even have to carry currency with us to trade. My computer talks to the bank’s computer, and numbers are moved around. Money is a bit like Peter Pan. Money is now a figment of our imagination as long as we all continue to choose to believe.


But, since money doesn’t even have to be tangible, why is money still such a big issue?


The problem has never been about the money. Money is energy. It’s about how the energy is flowing in your life. If you are putting a lot of energy into starting a new business, and you are nervous about supporting your family, the energy will be tentative and unsure. If you have a lot more money than your friends, you may try to hide it, and exude energy of apology and guilt.


It’s always the thoughts behind the money issues that are the problem.


In turn, if the energy in your life is confident and joyful, people want to be on your team, and they bring their energy with them. Energy multiplies.


So here’s the skinny –
Find the areas where you have true convictions. Check in with your body. Your body will know when you feel the right energy. It will be calm and motivated, strong and peaceful. Put your time and the things you value towards these ends. It might be world peace and it might be collecting Pez dispensers. No judging. Your body will know.


Take a look at your timid or tentative energy areas. Ask yourself why you are unsure. Take a look at those thoughts. Hold them up to the light and see if those thoughts are still true for you. See if you can find a thought that is just as true, but that works better for you. A thought that makes you feel like you are being released from a promise you wish you hadn’t made.


Choose a thought that makes you excited to take the next step, even if that step is only sitting peacefully. As you lean towards the new thoughts that work for you, energy will shift your way.


Money is energy. Pick a thought: one that you truly believe. One that makes you all tingly. And you will turn on your money magnet.


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