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You have tried diet and exercise.
Now it’s time to bring in the big guns… managing your mind.

You’re not hungry but you eat anyway.
You are an emotional eater.

You are sick and tired of diets and trying to fix your problem with food.
It’s time to set aside all the talk about food and use the most powerful tool at your disposal… your mind.

My solution is not to teach you just how to stop over eating, but help you understand why you are doing it.
Trying to control the overeating hasn’t been working for you.
That’s because you need to address the cause of the eating rather than try to wrangle the symptoms.

I have a whole philosophy.

Talk to me about how you can stop the struggle with food.

We start with a mini-session.
If you jump on this mini-session, I can help you understand why you are eating when you’re not hungry and one clear step on how to change it.  Boom.

The mini-session is about 20 minutes long.  We’ll take a look at a specific problem you have been having with eating, any questions you might have, and any way I might be able to help you.

The mini-session is free and it will give you insight that will really help you when you go to make a change.
The other benefit is that you will have something to work on immediately.  It will give you an in-depth understanding of why you are behaving in a certain way.

Stop the struggle by managing your mind.

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On this call, we make sure coaching is a good fit for you.
Even if you think you are too busy, this is coffee-break quick… only 20 minutes.
No obligation… just you and me and a taste of hope.
And the mini-session is totally free.

I would love to make the world a lighter happier place.  Come be a part of the change.

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