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Learn how to get to the root of your client’s issue within the first few minutes of your coaching session.
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Get two recordings and mini-workbook to practice your coaching skills, (did I mention it’s free?) because it’s the coolest coaching practice tool ever.

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(For more information about Catch a Thought, and the full product, read on…)

Is this you?

  • Your coaching sessions are good but some could be better
  • It makes you uncomfortable to practice coaching in a group setting
  • You hide in the “back of the room” during coach training calls
  • You want help with your coaching skills, but you don’t want to spend a fortune
  • You have a hard time finding practice clients so you can practice coaching
  • It’s challenging to listen to the client’s problems and think at the same time
  • You’re not always sure you’ve got the right thought when you are coaching someone
  • You want to take the stress out of coaching but you don’t know how
  • You are nervous about your coaching certification call
  • You want a fun way to see how much your coaching skills have improved
  • You want to become an awesome coach!

If any of these sound like you, I have created a product with you in mind.


You are confident finding a thought to work in the first few minutes of a coaching session

Going into your coaching call for certification with calm peace instead of dread

Feeling masterful in your coaching

Starting a coaching call knowing that you can help… you know what to do next

It’s possible!

Get practice starting off your coaching sessions with confidence…

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20 Recordings to help you hone your coaching skills


What you get:

  • A mp3 recording with 20 coaching calls… but just the first one to seven minutes of each call, so you can practice catching thoughts
  • A downloadable workbook where you can write down the thoughts you catch AND see what thoughts a master coach would catch with the same client
  • Ideas of what to ask the client next… what tools to use… what to do next when you are in a coaching session and feel like a deer frozen in the headlightsWorkbook image


You get to practice catching the painful or juicy thoughts at the beginning of a coaching call in the privacy of your home, and then find out what a Master Life Coach would do in the same situation.


The Story:

The idea for this started back in my Master Coach Training class, when I was trying to cram for my final… my Master Certification, which was coaching Bridgette Boudreau… the CEO of Martha Beck Inc…. who just happened to be one of the top coaches in the world.

So, I was feeling some nerves, and I coached myself through that, but thought it would also be a good idea to be as prepared as possible.

If I knew I was really solid in my coaching… if I had my skills down cold, I could stop worrying about me and really tune into my client. That’s when the art and intuition bubble up and the magic happens.

If a call starts out on the right track, and I’ve caught a juicy thought… or a lot of times there is a cluster of thoughts… then we’ve got traction right away. It’s all downhill from there.

That’s the way I wanted my coaching call with Bridgette to go.

So, to cram from that call, I went back through all my Life Coach Training calls, and the Master Coach Training calls and all of my recorded calls with my clients… it must have been 50 hours it took me to listen through to find all the beginnings of coaching sessions so I could practice spotting the painful thoughts.

So, rather than have you laboriously go through all your recordings and make new ones and practice spotting the thoughts, I have been recording tons of coaching calls for coaches to practice with, and I wanted to save you all the time and trouble.

You’ve got enough going on. Seriously.



What makes this product different:

There is nothing like it out on the market.

This is not a substitute for coaching people live, this is just a way to focus on one important skill and get up to speed fast.

It helps you get started on the right foot. It is the foundation of the whole coaching session.

Martha Beck says that to do something well you need to engage in deep practice. This product… Catch the Thought Recordings… boils 20 hours of your time (or more) down to between one and two hours.

You get deep, focused practice.


Why me?

I’ve been where you are. I have earned three coaching certifications, so I know how it feels to try to prepare for that kind of call.

And I know how it feels to go into a coaching call with a new client when I don’t feel like I’ve “got it” and when I do. I like the feeling when I do.

I think you will too.

I am a Master Certified Martha Beck Life Coach.

I spent a decade training and coaching trainers, so I know how to quickly and effectively teach a skill.


How much is it?


How do you get it?

It’s old school.  Email me and we’ll use Paypal and you’ll receive a link to download the audio file and pdf.
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This is the product I soooooo wished I had when I was starting out in Life Coaching.

That’s how I feel about this product.

This is my labor of love from me to you.

I want to offer you a package of recordings to help you master the art of life coaching.



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20 Recordings to help you hone your coaching skills