Don’t Freak Out On Me

I want to talk about the law of attraction. Please don’t freak out on me, because it’s not that icky cult-like law of attraction. It’s the kind that you have experienced.

You know – it’s when you stop looking for a boyfriend that one shows up on your doorstep. (I was planning a move to Australia when I met Whitney.)

It’s how people who don’t need money seem to get all the money.
It’s how the popular people have even more people calling them up to come play.

What I want to share is how to be one of those people who gets the good stuff.

Some people think the law of attraction is when you write down what you want on a piece of paper, stick it in a drawer and it comes true.


That doesn’t work under any set of laws that nature, science, or the Supreme Court has instituted.

But, part of that strategy is good. The clarity you get when you refine your wants and write them down is good. Write it down, make a vision board and get in touch with what really makes you happy.

Now, take one of the things you want, and imagine getting it.

Mmmmmmm. Nice.

(I’m thinking of taking a bareboat trip with a bunch of fabulous women.)

What’s the feeling you imagine getting from what you want?
That’s REALLY what you want. It’s never the thing. It’s the feeling.

Most people think they want to win the lottery. It isn’t. What they really want is to have the feeling of financial freedom. Or of never having to worry if there is enough money to pay the bills.

People don’t want to be married. People want the feeling of a loving and committed relationship. Or the feeling of security they think a marriage brings. Or they may want the feeling of relief from not having to look for someone anymore.

So after clarity, step two is making your wish list a list of feelings.

Step three? Bring those feelings into your life now. Don’t wait for the big goal to be met.

Choose to feel like you don’t have to worry about money anymore. Because you don’t have to worry. You will always need money to pay for things. Even if you win the lottery. But it is your choice to worry or not.

Are you now worried that if you don’t worry you won’t bother making the money to pay the bills?

Ha! I’ve always loved your sense of humor.

No, we are not giving you a lobotomy, taking away your work ethic and sense of responsibility. We are just taking away the worry part.

Mmmmm. Feels good, doesn’t it?

The final key: releasing the “have to have it” feeling.

Whoa Nelly! Easier said than done. I’ve got you really wanting something, and now I am telling you not to want it so much.

The trick here is to fill yourself up with the feelings you want, but do it now. Fill yourself so much that the original goal doesn’t matter so much. You aren’t starving in the emotional desert anymore. You already have your cup filled with water from other places, so you have taken the edge off of your emotional thirst. Then if that goal happens, it’ll be great, and if not, no worries.

That’s the time you become a magnet and it comes to you.

My desire is to lead a coaching adventure on a sailboat to the Caribbean. What are the feelings I want?

Connection with people.
Connection with nature.
No daily baggage.
Deep play.
Living in the moment.

So I am finding ways to feel these feelings now. Why wait?
I’ll let you know when the trip is planned.





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