Get Ready for College

You have spent a lot of time and money getting ready for the rigor of college.
You’ve spent over 20,000 hours going to school and studying over the past 13 years.
You’ve studied for the SAT… maybe went to an ACT prep course.
You have years invested in your extracurricular activities.
Now it’s time to prepare yourself for the emotional challenges.
I have a whole program.

If you want a strategy to make new friends and fit in,
deal with the stress of paying for college,
balance all of those classes and studying and social life and taking care of yourself,
and develop a true sense of belonging on campus…
This may be the program for you.

The program for smart people who want to have emotional tools to thrive in life.

These are the tools I wish I had when I went to college.
These methods will serve you a lifetime.

Without specific tools to handle emotional ups and downs, people gravitate towards numbing.  Phones, computers, TVs, food, drinking and drugs are just a few of the go-to coping strategies that add to the sense of isolation rather than help deal with your feelings in a deeply satisfying way.

There is another way.

These are the tools your mother never taught you.  Because she didn’t have them either.  But don’t blame her, I didn’t know these strategies until I went through emotional training.

It’s time for you to start a new tradition.

It’s time for a new rite of passage that helps you lead your best life.
Every so often you need to take a step back and look at your life and your beliefs and recognize what beliefs still serve you and which ones it’s time to put down.

This is that time.

What The Nest covers:

(If you have not seen the first video already, don’t worry, it’s included in the program.)

Video 1: Easing your top college worries… getting into your top choice, loneliness, making friends, and debt.

Six Lessons:

Lesson 1: Dealing with STRESS

Lesson 2: Feeling awesome about going to college

Lesson 3: How to pick a college, friend or a major

Lesson 4: When other people are jerks  AND How to get different results in your life (two for one)

Lesson 5: Roommates.  Nuf said. We’ll cover Setting Healthy Boundaries

Lesson 6: Design your perfect college life

Some of the things we will cover:
  • The mindset technique used by elite athletes (and gurus) for success
  • Navigating fear
  • Steering towards joy
  • Emotional Childhood vs. Emotional Adulthood
  • The Manual – your book of beliefs about what other people should do
  • Unconditional Love
  • Choosing New Thoughts
  • Managing expectations (77% of college students polled felt social media, television and movies made college seem a lot more fun than it actually was.)

Here’s what you’ll get:

Six one-hour coaching sessions by phone with Ellen
These sessions take place for two months,  with three weeks each month. (6 total)
This is one-on-one coaching by telephone  in the privacy of your own home.

Six online video lessons
Each lesson includes a video, downloadable audio recording, transcript and worksheets.
These Lessons are designed to be used one per week, but all six lessons are immediately available when you sign up, so work at your own pace.

You get the best of both!  Online video teaching AND one-on-one coaching.

What makes this coaching engagement different:

The online videos and worksheets take care of teaching the core tools so 100% of the coaching time can be used to answer questions and apply the coaching tools directly to your life.

Plus, I am available between sessions by text or email to answer questions or help you in a sticky situation.

The price for all this amazingness?

My normal hourly rate is $175, so this program saves you $453! That’s how important I think it is to have these mindset skills at this stage of your life.

Sound good?  Let’s chat

Why me?

I am a Master Certified Life Coach.

I have two incredible teenagers.

My coaching style is warm, down to earth and a little irreverant.

Plus, I have the credentials.  I studied Business Administration and Psychology at Wittenberg University, with Masters level studies at University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and have a certification in Training and Development.  My coaching certifications are with the Martha Beck Institute and The Life Coach School.

What this program is NOT:

I will not be telling you what to do or how to do it.  The answers you want are all located in you.  I don’t give advice.  There is no one answer to life’s problems, but you will finally have the tools to help you find your own answers.

I am sharing with you a new way to think.  Managing your mind gives you a chance to change your life.  However, just listening and understanding tools and concepts does not change you.  It takes applying the information.  It takes practice.  You change you.

Life is big and messy and awesome.
Life is a game of trial and error but keeping true to what is right for you.  This program can help you uncover what is true for you and coach you on your challenges.

Ta Da!

How it works:

Click here to schedule a free 20 minutes introductory call.

Let’s see if this is the right program for you, and get you on the road to crushing it in college.

If you have any questions, please email me at



I wish The Nest program existed when I went to college.
Having the tools to deal with relationships, separation and growth would have made the world of difference at a time of big transition.

According to a recent Harris Poll of college students a majority of students surveyed (60%) wish they had gotten more help with emotional preparation for college.

This majority who wished they’d gotten more emotionally prepared were more likely to…

  • regularly consume drugs or alcohol
  • consider transferring to another school
  • have a lower GPA and
  • rated their overall college experience as terrible/poor (as opposed to fair or excellent/good).

I have created The Nest program to prepare high school seniors for the emotional piece of college, as well as continue to give them support all the way through college.

I want to help young adults as they leave “the nest” and give them a foundation of good emotional health for life.

As they transition from being under your wing to independence, I want to offer a nest to bridge that gap… a resource that feels a little like home and a little like standing on their own.

We will cover topics like:

  • Setting realistic expectations for college
  • Making new friends
  • Leaving old friends and family
  • Coping tools for stress
  • Peer Pressure
  • Making choices
  • Navigating painful emotions

Ultimately, what The Nest program does, is encourage people to question their beliefs and keep the ones that serve them while dropping the beliefs that cause them pain.

We want to move from, “No one is going to like me” to “I can’t wait to meet all these interesting new people.”
Move from, “How am I going to pay for everything” to “I am as smart and resourceful as everyone else paying for college.  It’s going to be okay.”
And move from, “I shouldn’t be so lonely” to “There are some times in life that I will be alone, and feeling lonely is just a part of the whole incredible human experience.”

The Nest is about finding their own inner guidance system and actually following it.

Often, at the time our children are leaving home, they have lots of thoughts that cause them distress.  For example, “I’m not valued if I don’t get into a prestigious college.”  Or, “I should know what my major is going to be.”

We will work on skills that will serve them through the whole process of looking, choosing and attending college.

This statistic hit me like a gut punch: 50% of students reported feeling stressed most or all of the time. Yikes!

The wonderful thing is, the tools and techniques I teach in The Nest program are the same tools I have used to change my life.

Learning to manage your mind is not just for people entering college, but it’s a time when these skills are sorely needed.

Just because we didn’t have these skills when we entered college doesn’t mean we can’t make it better for our children.  I have an 18-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son, so I know about the heightened pressure to get in a “good” school.  The bar to get into competitive schools has gotten significant higher in the last 10 to 15 years.

Let’s prepare our kids to live in the world we have today.

The tools in The Nest are not just for teens, but it’s a great age to start.  With a good foundation of skills to handle life’s changes and challenges, they will have some of the most important tools for their lifetime.

Let’s talk!

Click here to schedule a 20 minute introductory session to make sure this is a good fit for your teen.  Less stress around going to college is a win-win for everyone involved.