When I studied Psychology in college, freshman year we did the ubiquitous Skinner Box experiment. That’s the one where you put a cute little white rat in a cage/box with a bottle of sugar-water. The rat figures out that if he steps on a tiny little lever that a drop of yummy sugary water, Read More

For those of you following my blog posts for a while, you may know that my daughter has had debilitating fatigue that has grown increasingly worse for the last three years. She has dropped out of all activities, grades have plummeted, we cut her class schedule down to two classes… you get the picture., Read More

  Click Photo to Start Video We spent the week on the coast of North Carolina at Ocean Isle.  I just wanted to share a moment from my early morning walk with all of you.  🙂  I can almost feel the warm water on my toes. What makes the ocean so calming?

I was inTraphill at my in-laws and got up this morning for a walk.  As I was leaving, I could hear all the roosters about a mile away all crowing at once.  They raise them there, each with their funny little hut.So, I turned on my iPhone video to capture all the beautiful bird sounds, and, Read More

I had set aside this morning to write my blog post.  But I’m blowing it off to go walk in the snow with my squeeze.  The first snow of the season in a land where there is usually only one snow a year. And I am pleased as punch with myself. And that is, Read More

Only three shopping days until Christmas, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite things from this year.  Not all are for Christmas, some were just things I am just crazy for. Teraysa Sheldrick Grasty – I am so glad I found her.  Teraysa is an old friend, but more importantly for, Read More

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I think it’s MY holiday. I cook up a storm.  I clean for a week and cook 17 dishes. And I naively think that Thanksgiving will not become commercialized. I hope. But even if they do find a way to commercialize it, there are priceless benefits to, Read More

Heard it on the CBS morning news in a viewer tweet… “Good Enough is the New Perfect.” Oh my gosh… they had me at Good Enough. I’ve never thought of myself as a perfectionist, but when I make a short list of the things that exhaust me, it’s all about trying to be perfect, Read More

A true belief never hurts. A false belief hurts. This is powerful stuff. “I need to be home when my kids get home from school.” I don’t know why I am hanging on to this one so hard, but that is a false belief. It hurts when I think I am not being the, Read More