A message for your child: Here’s the really good news: Stress is just a feeling, and feelings are caused by thoughts, so all you have to do to not feel stress is change your thought. Ta daaaaaa! OK, easier said than done. Let me break it down for you.   These are thoughts about, Read More

When I imagine the college life I want for my kids, I see them striding through campus with a big smile on their face. I picture my son raising his arm to wave at a group of friends across the quad who look excited to see him. I picture him walking into the classroom, Read More

This time is precious. How do you want to use it? Prepare them for college? Jam-pack all of your wisdom into this last bit of time? Create memories? You and I know that if you try to pass on all of your sage advice at one time, your teen’s eyes will glaze over and, Read More