Perfectionism is all about feeling good enough. (Or not good enough.) In this episode, find out: What material is perfectionism made out of? What causes the pain in perfectionism? What Dr. Brené Brown has to say about the matter. Learn a technique to dial down the pain of perfectionism

A lot of the stress around picking a college comes from the idea that there is one right college for your teen. The stakes seem high. They have to pick the college that will set the course for their entire life. Yikes! In this episode, find out how to change the inner dialog from, Read More

On this episode, I bust the big myth about time management. Find out my rule of thumb for deciding what stays on your to-do list. Learn how to turn your huge list of spirit crushing to-dos into a powerful feeling of “crushing it” in life.

In this episode, I talk about: The parenting manual you have created in your head Where we get the rules for this manual What you think parenting should be What your job as a parent actually is How to effectively bend the rules of parenting

We all try to avoid failure. It doesn’t feel good. In this episode I talk about how to drop your guard with failure. Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable long enough to use failures for what they are… the steps to success. It’s a hack that can totally change your life. Remember, you don’t have to, Read More

  Things have changed since we went to college in how we communicate between college and back home. Big time. In this episode I talk about: How much to text your child when they leave for college The benefit of secretly tracking your child on their cell phone Where the pain of separation comes, Read More

Knowing why you are going to college can help you choose a college and be happy with the fit once you are there. This is the story of someone who decides to go to college for a major that everyone else in her life thinks is ludicrous. But it’s the best reason of all, Read More

In this episode, I share the story of a late night rescue a Mom makes of her child who is going through a dark time at college.

P  O  D  C  A  S  T In this episode I talk about this difference between passive action and massive action. We get into a cycle of consuming information, and that feels like we have been taking a lot of action. But that is passive. Taking massive action propels you to your goals and, Read More

Self confidence is what everyone wants to have in college. Some people think the “it” people are really lucky. Actually, what they have is confidence. In this episode, learn how to create confidence ahead of time.  Create your own confidence even in situations that are new to you. Learn the one realization that will, Read More