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It’s true. Try it. If you are feeling the deep kind of gratitude… the kind that you feel deep inside… you can’t simultaneously feel fear. This is such good information! What I do is store up the really deeply grateful events I have had in my life. Then I pull them out when I, Read More

A message for your child: Here’s the really good news: Stress is just a feeling, and feelings are caused by thoughts, so all you have to do to not feel stress is change your thought. Ta daaaaaa! OK, easier said than done. Let me break it down for you.   These are thoughts about, Read More

As a parent, I want to fix things when my kids are hurting. I have to remind myself that I want them to go through hard times. Even when things aren’t fair. Especially when things aren’t fair. It’s the times of challenge that breed confidence. You only create confidence by going through something difficult…, Read More

Bed head Breakfast Doing homework Setting the table/getting dinner ready Getting on the bus/in the car for school Texting Talking with different members of the family Sports practice/events Family games Where they normally sprawl Places they like to go Driving With their best friend(s) Favorite food Pet Chores Bedtime (if you are still awake), Read More

The holidays are full of uncomfortable situations. Take family gatherings.  Please.  (Cue rim shot.) If you choose to see your loved ones even though it puts you face to face with family members you’d rather not see, try Martha Beck’s Dysfunctional Family Bingo. Here’s how it works: You make a bingo card much like, Read More

A friend and I have been talking about feeling broken recently. You see, I think being broken is a good thing, she thinks it’s a bad thing. I think the difference is that she has people using those words as a weapon. “You are a broken person.” Yeah, that would hurt. But here’s how, Read More


I need to talk to you. You’re the one who’s a little worried about next year. The going-to-college year.   The unknown.   You are taking the leap that it’s going to be good, maybe even great. You are going because that’s the thing that comes next.   But when things are quiet. During, Read More