Call From Your Pimp

I loved my old flip-style cell phone. One of the things I miss is that my old flip phone would announce who is calling instead of simply ringing.

She was no Siri, but she would proudly announce who was about to touch my life.

I made life a little more interesting by giving everyone a different name. It can be quite a blow to my hipness if the phone is always announcing, “You have a call from YOUR HUSBAND.”

Instead, it said, “You have a call from THE POPE.”

Aunt Audrey was “THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND”.
I didn’t bother to call my sister since I couldn’t think of a good enough alias for her.

My mother was “YOUR PIMP”.

If only I hadn’t been in the back of my son’s 2nd grade class observing when the phone rang.

It was Mom.

I truly don’t think those kids could understand what it said. Her voice was that garbled electronic monotone you rarely hear anymore.  And seven-year-olds don’t normally know what a pimp is, right?


The point is, I have no regrets. I try to make the small things fun, or my day would be made up mostly of things on my to-do list.

Sure, sometimes your phone announces to your son’s friends that your pimp is calling, but life would be dull without it.

What could you do to make the small things in your life a little more fun?

How do you answer the door?
Do you make your canned pears look like bunnies?
Do you make your good-nights sound like the Waltons?
Do you get phone calls from the Pope?

Tomorrow I am going to the grocery store and buying a food I have never had before.  Bam!
It doesn’t take much to make my life more of a story than a to-do list.

How about you?



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