Your Body Can Be a Great Source of Joy.

Your body can be a great source of joy.
Stop snickering.  It’s no wonder we don’t talk about sensuality if you are going to snicker like a teen-age girl when I bring it up.

None-the-less, when is the last time you lingered in the shower, paying attention to the feeling of water splashing on your skin?

When is the last time you breathed in deeply just to feel power of your lungs expand?

Have you noticed the deepness of blue color in the sky lately?

If you look around you can see that there is one sense we over use… taste. If you are overweight you are usually trying to get all your sensory joy through taste.

It’s a taste monopoly.

Let’s break up the monopoly.  Spread out the good feelings.  Yes, you are free to have all the sex you want.  But that’s just one way to feel good.  There are limitless sensations to enjoy.

Indulge yourself visually. Binge view art. Or your child’s face. Or the colors of the grass and the clouds and the sky.

Stop and listen to a really great song with headphones. Choose one that brings back good memories. Or a song that is exquisitely performed.

Indulge all of your senses so you don’t look for all of your pleasure in food.

Your thighs will thank you. And you can increase your pleasure five fold when you layer fabulous feelings from all of your senses.

There are two ways to do it.
One: you can really zone into one experience with all your senses.
Two: You can layer different experiences together with purpose.

Here’s and example of my full frontal sense indulgence from this morning…
Sight: I chose a seat in my office looking out on the beautiful stone hearth and ivy bank with little chipmunks darting in and out of the holes in the stone wall.
Smell: I burned some Palo Santo (Holy Wood) that gives a delicious licorice-like smell.
Taste: Fresh raspberries
Sound: I put on some James Taylor. I played my favorites from college, and those great college feelings came through to me too.
Touch: I cuddled up in an incredibly soft blanket.

And then I paid attention to my senses.  All of them.




*No eclairs were harmed in the writing of this post.


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