A Little Slice of Heaven. A Video From This Morning.

I was inTraphill at my in-laws and got up this morning for a walk.  As I was leaving, I could hear all the roosters about a mile away all crowing at once.  They raise them there, each with their funny little hut.So, I turned on my iPhone video to capture all the beautiful bird sounds, and then realized I also wanted to share the beautiful stillness of Spring just about to start in the foothills of North Carolina.  That’s why the camera suddenly swings up.

​It’s about a minute long, raw and uncut (obviously) and you may have to turn up your sound to hear all the birds.If you can’t hear the audio, please understand… this is my first attempt.  Make crowing and chirping noises yourself.  And think about the places that have made you feel peaceful and a bit more a piece of this beautiful universe.

​That’s Papa Jack and Mama Dot’s house at the end.

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