5 Horribly Painful Ways to Get Rid of Stress

1. Poke a fork through your eye. You won’t even think about your stress as you are wheeled into the ambulance.


2. Write your old boy/girlfriend. The one who cheated on you with your best friend. Plus, rehash the night you walked in on them. The stress from your current relationship will pale in comparison. Problem solved.


3. Three words: Full Frontal Lobotomy.


4. Cut everyone out of your life. Live as a hermit. Hey – you don’t even have to shower if you are a hermit, so even one less thing, you know?


5. Addiction of any kind. Drugs, alcohol, or the more socially acceptable food, shopping, social media… the list of possible ways to numb is only limited by your creativity and the amount of cheesecake on hand.



One less painful way to get rid of your stress.

Find the thought that is causing you the pain.
Find the opposite of that thought and really believe it for just a minute.
The more often you do that, the less painful it will be until you can’t even remember why it once bothered you.
To speed up the process, find three pieces of evidence in your life… three examples… of when that opposite thought is true.
What do you think?
It’s worth a shot before you eat the entire cheesecake.


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