Why The College Transition is Harder For You Than it Was For Your Parents

Oh the places we'll go

There are always some negative emotions when you go to college.

That’s just how change works.

And the thing we’ve learned to do is avoid those emotions.

That’s not so good.
Now is the time to find some other ways to deal with negative emotions like being sad or scared or bored, other than numbing your feelings with the computer and phone and IPad and TV.

Your parents were lucky enough not to have a quick way to numb the loneliness.

There weren’t any cell phones.
Not everyone had computers.

When you don’t have phones or computers or TVs everywhere, what’s the only option? Get out of your room and talk to people.

That’s what your parents experienced.

So that sort of sucks for you that you have all this juicy stuff at your fingertips.

The latest and greatest.


But what can you do about it?

When you get lonely (or any bad feeling),

try taking the earbuds out, and feel your feelings.

Don’t numb. Just feel.

The more you push down the bad feelings, the more it festers.


Just feel them.

Most bad feelings pass through your body within 90 seconds.

You can handle 90 seconds.


And sometimes it comes in waves.

But the waves get further and further apart.


And because you don’t have your earbuds in, you may meet someone who makes you a little less lonely 🙂

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